Saturday, October 30, 2010

Authentic 70’s Fancy Dress

For the organisers or attendees of fancy dress parties which center around a specific theme, finding authentic-looking costumes to wear which are likely to differ from the costumes chosen by other guests may prove to be a challenge.

Whilst a 1970’s fancy dress theme does afford party guests with a main idea to base their costume choice around, it may also restrict the options available to them, and your guests or fellow attendees could all arrive dressed in traditional Disco attire consisting of flared trousers and rightly patterned shirts – that is unless they can find inspiration elsewhere.

If you would like your 70s-themed party or your costume to look more innovative or unique, you could turn to the internet to find websites to recommend to your guests, or even use yourself to provide further inspiration for your costume.

Online retailer Fancy Dress Ball sell fancy dress costumes reminiscent of many different decades defined by the fashions worn at the time, and their collection of 70’s fancy dress costumes consists of a wide range of options including traditional and alternative costume ideas.

Recognisable Pimp, Bling-style and Disco-inspired costumes can be purchased from the website, as well as a range of more unique choices such as Elvis, rock band Kiss and even television show ‘Wombles’.

More accurate and less stereotypical alternatives to traditional 70’s wear can also be purchased, including options such as flattering Go-Go dresses, jumpsuits and Mod outfits, so your guests’ costumes can be as fashionable as they are representative of the 1970s.

So, if you are considering becoming a host to a 70’s fancydress party, or have been invited to one and are unsure of where to turn for an innovative, stylish and outlandish outfit to wear, consulting the vast range available from websites such as Fancy Dress Ball online may provide you with more options than highstreet retailers.

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