Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flu and Swine flu vaccinations with samedaydoctor

samedaydoctor walk-in private clinics offer a wide range of specialist services, with highly qualified private GPs on staff. Amongst their range of services are travel vaccines, including flu and swine flu vaccinations. With influenza being a potential problem for everyone, particularly pregnant women,people aged 65 years and over and children under five, everyone over the age of six months is advised to visit their GP to receive the flu vaccination.

However, getting an appointment with a local GP can be difficult, which may be enough to put some people off of trying to seek treatment. They may also not consider themselves to be at risk, as the general perception seems to be that it is only a real danger for the elderly. This is incorrect, as the influenza virus is unpredictable, and affects sufferers in different ways. Elderly people do have a high risk of more severe effects, due to weaker immune systems, which make them more susceptible to the more dangerous problems caused by the flu, such as bacterial pneumonia and dehydration. However, while many younger people may suffer from high fever, headaches, muscle aches and a cough, for around a week on average, it can also prove lethal to people in general good health.

With samedaydoctor’s private GPs, the flu vaccination can be administered quickly and efficiently, as can the swine flu (or H1N1) vaccination. Though swine flu does not pose as big a risk as it did twelve months ago, it is still a danger, and the vaccination should be considered by those people staying within the UK and travelling abroad. At samedaydoctor, the team of private GPs will offer advice and answer any queries a patient may have on both the flu and swine flu vaccinations.

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