Monday, June 27, 2011

Custom t-shirt printing as per you choice with

You have seen and must have worn many T-shirts and may be sometimes you have thought
a particular design should be printed on your T-shirt. Well if it is so then you are out of the
problem as there are many T-shirt printing companies which provide online service to the
customers through their website to customize a design and get it printed on a T-shirt of your
desire. T-shirt printing is a process which involves a little of expertise on the part of the printer
in terms of color. As it is important that the design made by the graphic designer should be
printed exactly as seen in the screen and there should not be great differences between the two.
So if you decide to purchase a T-shirt through online source you have the options to customize
the designs given in the website and can even upload a design to be printed on the T-shirt. You
have choice for options like color of the T-shirt, type of design, font style, type of print colors
and the type of cloth to be used. The work of hoodie printing can also be accomplished. There
are two ways for printing T-shirts. The one is through digital printing and the other and widely
used is the screen printing. In the process of screen printing ink is transferred using screen onto
the T-shirt. The screen works like a stencil on which the design is printed and afterwards through
it on the t-shirt. In digital printing the design is directly printed on the T-shirt. So you can make
a selection, but generally screen printing is used to print T-shirts in bulk quantity as it is less
expensive when printed in bulk on the other hand a single T-shirt can be printed with digital
printing. Therefore sometimes company prefer screen printing for printing promotional T-shirts.


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