Sunday, June 26, 2011

Understanding the post production process of editing a 3D Movie

Editing a 3D movie is a tough task as it requires professional skills and expereince , Its also very critical and that decides the final outcome and its impact. To make a good 3D movie of high quality picture a good quality professional camera rigs is used which has high quality lenses that needs a very complex mechanical mirror rig. But these mechanical mirror rigs provide the ultimate suppleness in shooting which allows you to adjust the interaxial centres, distance between the centres of lenses so that the centres can be adjusted from zero to well above the camera person’s eyes. They also work like our eyes do for convergence to look at any close objects.

We know that this is very expensive process and it will become conventional once it will come in the range of general people price wise. The fusion system used in this editing work is too costly because it uses two cameras and the price of each camera is too expensive. One can imagine when the price of normal 3D post production editing is this much so how much
it will cost for Hd post production editing.

There is much more in the editing process than just keeping all your cuts systematically in one place. It is also very crucial that the 3D camera system only records raw CCD data and it needs to be converted in latest 3D format if we want to edit it in stadanrd software applications. It must be easy to use so that the general person can use it. Presently it can be done by sending your files to the specific editing service provider who can edit the clips as your requirement.

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